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what we do

forbes.guru provide a practical operational support service for SME’s with a presence in Scotland.

If you just don’t seem to have the time to stand back and analyse how your business could deliver more or better - let us do that!
It's not magic, just based on knowledge, experience and observation. 

Let’s have a chat about your business and see if forbes.guru would be a good fit


analysis techniques - services

Every business has an individual style, distinct challenges and ambitions - one size does not fit all - in order to help you identify opportunities or solutions, we need to learn and understand more about your business. Below are examples of some of the methods we use:

Preparing veggies
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efficiency review

Observations are made over 2 - 4 hours, staff activities are noted at 5 minute intervals. This allows an accurate picture to be built up of opportunities for improvement of service delivery, any duplication of effort and enables an assessment of processes, layout and equipment performance.
The customer experience journey, retail standards and product availability can also be recorded if appropriate.

process review

From a video recording of an identified task or process, a timed work study is carried out. Each small step is analysed and any suggestions for streamlining are drawn up. An amended process can then be tested and considered for implementation if appropriate. 
A staff labour cost can be calculated, essential as part of the decision making process for new initiatives or products.

product range managment

Depending on the requirements of the individual client, the service provided could involve product development, improving profitability, efficient production, waste reduction, process or equipment improvements, packaging design or staff training materials, as required.

Support with project planning and associated tools can also be provided. 


the team


Over 30 years of experience with Greggs, one the UK's best known Food on the Go retailers, founder of the forbes.guru collective.

Retail operations and in-store food production specialist. Carries out site or remote observational analysis of efficiency and processes.

Primary contact for all clients.


Online retail and remote customer contact 


Brand image and luxury goods retail


Fast food and cafe operations


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